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SpookyDan’s Top 10 Comic-con 2009 moments
By SpookyDan

Lloyd Kaufman Roast
This year SDCC held a special event, 35 YEARS OF TROMA a comedy roast Tribute for Lloyd Kaufman the President of Troma Films, hosted by my friend Adam Green. I have known Lloyd for quite some time now, and it’s always awesome to hear his voice call out “Hey Spook!” He is a one of a kind force of nature who really believes in indie film and indie TV. While he is out promoting what is essentially a bunch of crappy movies that have the Troma logo stamped on them, Kaufman himself is a genuine supporter of people following their dreams. During the roast celebs came out and ribbed him, and he took it all in stride with smiles hugs and kisses for all…until the end when he turned the tables on the panel and roasted them right back. When the insults came around to Adam Green, Lloyd joked that the only reason Hatchet was successful was because Adam was blowing the “so-called horror journalists”, to which he followed up with “the shit you tasted on SpookyDans’ dick was mine”. The entire room laughed, but I was literally in tears laughing about this…he didn’t even know I was in the audience, and he brought me in on the fun. Without any question, this was the coolest Comic con moment for me in history!

Repo Shadow Cast streamed live!

History was made, and I had a small part in it! This year Repo screened with the shadowcast Addicted to the Knife performing the entire show. My poster artwork was being used for promotion on the screening, which was quite humbling and kick ass. And Dread Central streamed the whole event LIVE, over 900 people from around the world showed up online to see what the hell all the hoopla was about. The crowd was one of the loudest and fun I have seen yet. Through all of my Repo travels, each event seems to be better than the last one…it just getting bigger and bigger! You can watch the whole event here:

Wrath of Con Party
As expected The Wrath of Con party is the most important party of the Convention. This year not only was it filled with industry movers and shakers, they had Daughtry play live (which I unintentionally missed) and they brought in a bunch of TNA wrestlers and full on ring into the center of the party. It was a blast! Standing next to Brandon Routh, Woody Harrelson or any of the many celebs that showed up is always cool, but the best was hanging with many friends that I haven’t seen in way too long, that trumps all the swag bags and celeb encounters. (Making the Repo documentary has put any social life I had on hold)

I got to sign a whole bunch of autographs.
Ok, I love getting attention, and I love that I am being recognized as a part of the Repo legacy. This year I heard many people saying that they have been following my updates through my Repo adventures. People that I don’t know, people that I do know but didn’t know they were paying attention, and more. So when someone asks me for an autograph my gut reaction is to say “That’s nice but I’m just me, you don’t want my autograph”. I do sign them and it makes me feel awesome, awkward and boosts my ego further into the sky than it already was. I did get to sign one pair of boobs, but since I am married to her I don’t know if it counts. It still rules though…maybe I should practice my signature on her boobs regularly

Repo Rolling Heroes Carnival tent
The awesome TV show Heroes built a mini carnival across the street from the convention center. Games, cotton candy, and more. The Heroes Carnival looked remarkably like a scene in Repo called Sanitarium Square so on Friday night (after the nerd burlesque show) Little Lotte and Tara two of the Repo shadowcast performers, and I schemed a plan to “Repo-Roll” the Carnival. That Saturday at about 10:45pm the entire shadowcast showed up and just took over! They performed Zydrate Anatomy to the crowd of surprised onlookers! About a minute before they were finished they carnival closed it down and turned off all the lights, but they let them finish the song before kicking everyone out. We have the whole thing on video, and it was amazing!’s Fear Clinic Panel with Clive Barker, Robert Englund, Rob Hall, Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, and moderated by Powerman 5000s Spider!
Fearnet seems to understand what the horror fans want, and the proof will be unveiled with the web series Fear Clinic. The trailer for Fear Clinic looked way better than most of the big budget Hollywood films that were being promoted all over the convention floor. Spider did a great job moderating the panel of horror legends, and even when The Q&A turned to him about his upcoming music, he quickly answered then sat down to let Barker and Englund hold the spotlight. Side Note, The new Powerman 5000 single V is for Vampire has been my favorite song for the past couple of months. Check it out at  and check out the panel here at fearnet:

Angel of Death web series – DVD panel
This Tuesday a film called Angel of Death is released on DVD, and the stars Zoe Bell, Ted Raimi, and Doug Jones were on hand to chat about it. It was originally a web series for Crackle, but is now available as feature on DVD. My good friend Paul Etheridge directed it and I was so proud to see him up there on the panel promoting his film. But when the producer John Norris gave a shout out to my wife Tammy Sutton-Walker for doing a great job with the VFX, I was so fucking proud of her. or buy the dvd here:

Getting Free stuff!
On Sunday I put the camera away and just walked the floor. While buying some kick ass art books, I was given a bunch of incredible graphic novels from PCB Productions…for FREE! Just because Sean David knew I would like them they hooked me up with about $200 worth of goodies ( way better than the swag bag from the parties!)

The lobby at The Marriott
While waiting to get interviewed by Super Heidi of we had some drinks at the lobby bar, and while there we got the inside scoops on Saw 6 and The Collector from Marcus Dunstan and Patrick, then an elevator run in with Adam Green. Some Repo fans stopped by to say hi and pick up the posters for the Saturday night event, And it was great to catch up with Paula Haifley and her dude, as well!

Penthouse Party at The Hyatt
Wednesday night after bar hopping with some friends, we ended up going to a private party at the penthouse suite in the Hyatt. The room was insane, it was more like a house than a hotel room…many rooms, two showers in the enormous bathrooms, and some awesome people hanging out!

All in all, SDCC 2009 was a blast. Next year I look forward to seeing more craziness, more parties, and hanging out with my friends…something I wish I had more time to do now. And Maybe next year I will be on a panel or two pimping out one of my projects!


Other notable mentions:
Meeting the Hillywood show people. (
MGM Stargate party, with glowing blue drinks
Nerd Burlesque show Thursday night (the finale was 3 Princess Leah’s stripping!)
Kevin Smith panel (always funny, check out his interviews over at )
The line up Wednesday night for Hall H and the Twilight panel. The line was huge (so I avoided it)
I unfortunately missed the Trick R’ Treat party, but I heard about how incredible it was