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Happy Anniversary Repo! the Genetic Opera!

It’s been a full year of Repo Madness and to celebrate here are 52 random pictures from a year filled with REPO THE GENETIC OPERA!

Look how far it has come:

  • Over 40 worldwide Shadowcasts
  • The film has played in theaters every weekend since its release
  • Over 20,000 tickets sold for the theaters
  • 3 sold out Road Tours (4th is coming)
  • 3000+ pieces of Fan art on Deviant art
  • 1000+ of RockLove Jewlery’s Scalpel necklaces sold
  • 3000= fan films on you tube (over 2 million collective views)
  • 1500+ works of fan fiction involving repo characters
  • 4 different shirt designs at Hot Topic (almost all sold out)
  • 2 different CD releases of the sound track (available at iTunes) Hard copies sold out
  • Weekly Radio and video podcasts devoted to Repo
  • Featured at Fangoria Weekend of Horrors, Wicked Faire, Spooky Empire, Polaris, Summer camp cinema, San Diego Comic Con, Arizona Comic Con, Alamo Drafthouse, the upcoming Zonacon, and many other film festivals and horror Conventions
  • And (of course) my documentary about Repo first year is in post production

Happy Anniversary REPO!