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Is this Proof that Universal’s REPO MEN ripped–off  REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA? Judge for yourself!


By SpookyDan Walker

Time to address all the rumors about the upcoming Universal film Repo Men. I have been getting loads of emails, comments and phone calls about other repo film. Some say the imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

Did writer Eric Garcia “Repo” (steal, rip off, XXXXXXX, thieve) Repo the Genetic Opera? I want to show you first hand EXATLY how similar it is, so I got the Book Repossession Mambo, and here is a detailed list of the similarities. Check out the facts and decide for yourself.


Here are 25 side by side comparisons of Garcia’s 2009 Novel Repossession Mambo, and the 2008 Repo the Genetic Opera


The front cover of the Repossession Mambo paperback book lifts dialogue directly from Repo the Genetic Opera:

Repossession Mambo: “Everybody has a price…Everybody can be bought…Just don’t forget to read the FINE PRINT”.

Repo the Genetic Opera: This echoes a line directly from Repo Opera song Zydrate Anatomy sung and repeated 4 times “Mag’s contracts got some might FINE PRINT, Some mighty fine print? Some mighty fine print, and that mighty fine print puts Mag in fine predicament”

(From this point on; “Repossession Mambo” will be referred to as “Repo Men”.)


Repo Men: (pg 18) Garcia introduces a anti rejection drug called “Q”. (pg120) “He sucked up enough Q to kill a Clydesdale…he offered me the sparkling red powder on six or seven occasions…” later “…the central processor was crusted over, filthy with crystallized cerebrospinal fluid. That’s what happens when your hooked on Q, and it’s a shame that even after the most expensive of artiforg implantations, he wasn’t able to reprogram himself to beat the habit.”

(Pg 234) “Fritzed on the Q.”

(Pg 271-276) details the effects of the drug Q.

Repo the Genetic Opera: Has a drug called “Zydrate”, “Z” for short. A glowing blue LIGHT gets brighter and brighter as the Z-yringe draws out “Z” from the woman’s skull. It lights the room and the dead woman.  In the song Come Up and Try My New Parts it’s referred to as “Z” when Amber sings “I want a hit of Z”

Early posters of Amber Sweet state “Z up responsibly”

Q – Sparkling red powder

Z – Glowing Blue liquid


Repo Men: The poster artwork for a Repo Men poster is a picture of an artificial heart with lines on it that quite closely resemble a barcode.

Repo the Genetic Opera: since 2001 the website for Repo Opera has had an iconic image of a heart with a barcode . In the opening of the Repo Opera Film Jessica Adams is taken down by the repo man, and he holds her bar-coded heart directly up to the camera. Also a bar-coded heart is a hero prop of the song “Mark It Up”.


Repo Men: repo men are called Bio-Repo Men

Repo the Genetic Opera: repo men are called Organ Repo Men


Repo Men: (pg 5, 11, 12…) Remy uses the scalpel is weapon of choice, and talks about its efficiency

Repo the Genetic Opera: Nathan uses the Scalpel as his weapon of choice, and sings about its efficiency


Repo Men: (pg 25, pg 224) Remy see’s …Newspaper ads “Born to Repossess …Learn the trade, Join the Union , Fulfill your destiny!”

Repo the Genetic Opera: Recruitment posters “Do you have what it takes to be an Organ Repo Man? Visit a GeneCo recruiting center for details”


1A.Repo Men: calls the Evil Corporation “The Credit Union’

1B. Repo the Genetic Opera: calls the Evil Corporation “GeneCo”

2B. Repo Men: The evil corporations insert their artificial body parts into the main character, those parts are later threaten to be removed by the very people the put them there.

2B. Repo the Genetic Opera: The evil corporations insert their artificial body parts into the main character, those parts are later threaten to be removed by the very people the put them there.


1A. Repo Men: (pg 27) Remy talks about wanting “…artiforg eyeballs, the new ones from Marshodyne have zoom capabilities of 200X and near perfect color enhancement.”

1B. Repo Men: (pg 199) “Narrowing her eyes into tiny little slit, I got the feeling that she was inspecting me again, Trying to get a hold of me. For a moment I was pretty sure I could hear mechanical lenses focusing spiraling in and out.”

1C. Repo Men: (pg 293) Remy watches a recording of a repossession “It’s Just like a movie, just like gong to the pictures” as they watch the recording through the dead mans eyes.

Repo the Genetic Opera: Blind Mags character has artificial eyes, which she received from GeneCo after being born blind. Mag is the spokesperson for GeneCo, and her eyes project holographic apparitions of past events, at which time the iris spirals in and out.


Repo Men: (chapter 5) Remy discusses in great detail how the world has changed and poor people can apply for new body parts. The people are about to become the victims of The Union Bio- Repo Men, because they can’t really afford it.

Repo the Genetic Opera: In the first part of the movie comic panels describe detail how the world has changed and poor people can apply for new body parts. These people are about to become the victims of The GeneCo Organ Repo Men, because they can’t really afford it.


Repo Men: Remy the repo man has an estranged son.

Repo the Genetic Opera: Nathan the repo man has an estranged daughter


Repo Men: (Pg 39) Remy says “Ninety days is grace beyond grace, and I didn’t hold pity for anyone who welshed on a loan with straight arrows like Kenton.”

Repo the Genetic Opera: Nathan the repo man sings “Ninety days delinquent gets the Repo treatment”


Repo Men: (pg 46) ”as San Diego has just instituted their Red Light District a year before…’ Remy recalls of his first time with a prostitute that later became his first wife.

Repo the Genetic Opera: Zydrate Anatomy song takes place in the back alley way filled with hookers and junkies.


Repo Men: “…It’s not like the ones they have down at the Union Theme Park (Motto- where entertainment and rejuvenation meet)…” Remy is talking about the Park where people dressed as body parts try to entice you to get something replaced.

Repo the Genetic Opera: Sanitarium Square is a circus like environment where people dressed as weirdos and freaks try to entice you to get something replaced.


Repo Men: (pg63) “On the way downtown, I jumped into a china store and pilfered a leaded-crystal vase, along with an attending box from the trash dumpster outside.”

Repo the Genetic Opera: Graverobber jumps in dumpsters to look for used drug paraphernalia.


Repo Men: (pg 102) “New skin grafts, for example, should liver spots become a problem, are available at a very reasonable rate at a Union Supply House, as are most major artiforg. implantations.”

Repo the Genetic Opera:  “Get your exotic Skin Grafts by GeneCo” tag line used on poster artwork.


Repo Men: (pg107) “The Pink Door was often used as a last resort for deadbeats who were public figures, clients you didn’t want to drag back into the world of solvency by their dangling entrails. So rather than call out the Bio-Repo men and leave a messy Beverly Hills scene for the paparazzi, they’d send an embossed invitation, delivered by courier from the Credit union offices…”

Repo the Genetic Opera: During the song “Who ordered Pizza?” a heated discussion between Nathan Wallace and Rotti Largo, Rotti explains that Blind Mag (the spokesperson for GeneCo) needs to be discreetly taken out. “This is a job of special importance. It is involving a GeneCo employee. A singer we all know…I can’t afford a scandal here…You take her down!”


Repo Men: (pg 117, & many more) Ether is the chemical used to knock out victims before the get a body part removed.

Repo the Genetic Opera: Tear gas containers are used to knock out Shilo and the Graverobber when caught, and used by the Hench girls to capture Shilo while inside her mothers tomb.


Repo Men: used throughout the book, Garcia references songs and music to illustrate points (pages 24, 118, 119, 120, 133,172, 173, 255, 271)

Repo the Genetic Opera: is an Opera, with music from start to finish.


Repo Men: (Pg 154-155) Remy removes an Artiforg Bladder in a routine repossession, but is alarmed when a voice is heard. He eventually finds out that it’s the dead man has had a “Vocom” communicator in his throat. As he removes the bladder from the corpse, the dead body comically continues to speak “Baby you know I love you…Come on back I swear I will never hurt you again”.

Repo the Genetic Opera: During a particularly gory sequence, The Repo man “guts” his victim to remove his liver and kidneys and then shoves his hand inside the corpse and uses him like a ventriloquist doll singing the last refrain of the song of “Thankless Job”


Repo Men: (pg 202-203.). Remy talks about the different commercials used by The Credit Union, and its much used Slogan, “What’s new in you?”

Repo the Genetic Opera: throughout the film Commercials for body parts from GeneCo are shown and heard to “See if Surgery is right for you?”, and “At GeneCo, an affordable organ makeover is just a simple financing away. Take control of your life, because it’s what’s on the inside that counts.”



Repo Men: (pg 203, 204, 270-275) we are given insight that Remy’s (ex) wife has artificial organs, which is why he killed her. And this causes a bad relationship between Remy and his son. Remy explains “And that’s how I found out that Melinda was packing Metal.  I suppose it was better for me to know than as opposed to finding out later on, but I wonder if things would have changed if Peter (Remy’s son) kept his mouth shut.  Probably not. I would have killed her either way.” Later he finds Melinda strung out on Q and kills her, his son will not forgive him after this.

Repo the Genetic Opera: One of the main plot points is that Nathan Wallace had to kill his wife to save his child. Because he killed her he is tricked into being a repo man for the evil GeneCo to hide this fact from his daughter. “That dark fateful night when you murdered your wife, It’s too painful, Marni (Nathans wife) was past helping…. We made an agreement, I will honor that agreement, I will honor that agreement, I’ll do as I’m told so Shilo never knows, about that dark and fateful night, or my secret repo life, don’t deny your repo life.”


Repo Men: (pg 230) Remy is introduced to a vigilante named Ashbury (termed an “Outsider”). Ashbury steals artiforgs from the dead bodies and redistributes it to those in need of surgery. Ashbury sizes him up to see if he might have any artiforgs that he can take to sell on the black market. “ …there was distinct possibility he was sizing me up for artiforgs. Wondering if I could be of any financial value to him down the line.” (pg 234) Ashbury proceeds to drug the Remy with the Q drug “ on the filthy fingertips, nails long and unfiled, was a sparkling red powder glittering in the glare from the exposed overhead bulb.” He then offers Remy safe housing away from the Union

Repo the Genetic Opera: The Graverobber is a vigilante who steals drugs (Zydrate) from the dead bodies and redistributes it to those in need of surgery (or those who are just hooked on Z). Graverobber offers to help Shilo stay away from GeneCo.


Repo Men: (pg 8) From the start of the book Remy is on the run from the Union, later (pg 236) “He wanted to know why I was a Bio Repo man was on the run.”

Repo the Genetic Opera: After Nathan refuses to reclaim Blind Mag’s eyes; he goes on the run from GeneCo. “Attention all GeneCo personnel: Apprehend the Repo man Nathan Wallace, at once! Use all means necessary to bring him to me.”


Repo Men: (pg 235-239) Remy recounts a story about dealing with a great couple of trapeze artists named Hans and Edward, who were on target for repossession. “they were trapeze artists, good ones too, who regularly defied death by flying 50 feet above the midway floor.”

Repo the Genetic Opera: Blind Mag in her final performance flies high above the crowd on wires while she sings her final song “Chromaggia”.


Repo Men: In the final moments of the book it is revealed that Remy’s whole career as a repo man has been a set up. The artiforg heart was there just to string him along.

Repo the Genetic Opera: In the final moments of the film Rotti reveals that he set up Nathan Wallace, and it was actually Rotti who killed Marnie. The guilt was used against him to make him a repo man and string him along.

The finale to this report…


Assuming that the questions would arise of why his story so closely resembles the Repo the Genetic Opera, Eric Garcia’s 2009 novel Repossession Mambo (now released with it’s new title Repo Men) includes a 12 page account of where Garcia’s alleged Repo idea evolved from, called THE TAMING OF THE MAMBO (pg 316). The chapter is skewed as advice to an aspiring writer’s viewpoint; Garcia says “It should be interesting to anyone curious about the adaptation process and looking to make a career in writing…”  He tells tales of the film being green lit, the story evolving and basically covers his ass, so that he doesn’t get sued. Most would agree this is a (heavily doctored) admission of guilt just by being included in a paperback novel. I can’t think of any other novel who has added a “how-to make a movie” section at the back of their fictional novel. My guess is that Universal forced him to include this, to stop the Repo Opera fans from crying RIP-OFF.

This is not a case of two volcano movies or two asteroid movies, these similarities go so much deeper than the same theme of Body Part Repo Men. Adding insult to these comparisons is the clear copycat marketing campaign used by Repo Men.

I leave it up to you to decide.

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