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Is Horror Dead (again)? I think NOT
By SpookyDan

According to this Past weekend 10 horror films playing in theaters; Hatchet 2, Let Me In, Chain Letter Resident Evil 4, Devil, Last Exorcism, Predators, Piranha, Buried and Case 39.

Collectively they made a total of approx $18,000,000.

$18 mil for horror in three days, not too shabby!

This year alone Horror films have brought in Just under $600 million

Add another $125 million with DVD sales

$725 Million and it’s only the beginning of October!

Lets not forget about Halloween, the horror holiday that is a brings in $5.8 BILLION in sales.

So what does this all mean?
It means it’s a great time to be a fan of horror, and an even greater time to be a creator in the horror industry! With so much doom and gloom reporting from the press, it may seem like horror is on a downswing trend, yet billions of dollars are being spent every year on the horror genre.

The real question is why the horror genre continues to be overlooked as a red headed step child in mainstream media.

What is your take? Is horror dead? And why do we as still get garbage news about Dancing With The Jersey Shore Housewives of OC, and Jennifer Aniston’s singlehood as major news, when there are so many better and more interesting things to report on?