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The Secret Evolution of a Movie Poster

By SpookyDan Walker


Every movie goes through dozens of poster designs before the public sees them. But normally no one shows all those ideas to the public, so I thought it would be cool to show some of the top secret early poster designs that were considered for SLAY BELLES.

Early early poster

Early early poster


Years ago, I worked on a big budget comedy that had at least 500 poster concept designs that were considered. In the indie film world of my film Slay Belles we aren’t that lucky, and as such; all of these designs had to be done by one person… me. I’m not the greatest designer in the world, but I am decent at Photoshop and I did go to art school, so I am legally allowed to design awesome posters (only in the U.S. though). So I tried a whole crapload of ideas. Some that feature Barry Bostwick, some that feature Krampus, and some that feature the Adventure Girls (aka the titular Slay Belles). There are some interesting designs in there, but none were really grabbing me or our Executive Producer Darren Lynn Bousman.


Darren wanted something mysterious that instantly read comedy horror, and I wanted something that was mysterious that instantly read sexy, fun and bloody. We have all been duped by amazing posters in our Netflix queue only to hit play and realize it’s a horrible no budget flick with bad acting, and a great poster. The last thing I want to do is trick you into thinking that Slay Belles is an intense extreme thriller, its not. It’s a fun and bloody movie that is a little on the batshitcrazy side, but it’s not an extreme scarefest. It has more in common with The Craft or Goosebumps, than it does with Martyrs or Insidious. And with that in mind I tried a variety of designs, but we just kept coming back to the sexy, blood splattered, cute, holiday themed “legs” poster. After many iterations and two different photo shoots to get the look just right, the poster was finished. *Thanks to Courtney Ortega for providing the sexy legs.


So the big question is: Did I make the right decision?


Two quick notes:

1: The date says Christmas 2014 because that was the intended finish date.

2: It’s a bit nerve-wracking posting unfinished design ideas, so before the meanie internet trolls tear my Photoshop skills apart, these are all early concepts that were not really ever meant to be seen… but you are my friends, so I know you will be nice, honest but nice.


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