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My Indiegogo for Slay Belles really needs some help getting attention, so I just read an article called

7 Shameless tactics to lure an audience”.

Here are the highlights they suggest to get a bigger audience:

  1. Cute Animals
  2. Use numbers to shock people
  3. Babies
  4. Berate your audience
  5. Hyperbolic Headlines
  6. Sex Appeal
  7. Newsjacking

I realized I have a serious lack of cute animals or babies in my house to photograph, so I did my best to improvise ..

  1. Cute Animals

cute-animal_01 cute-animal-02 cute-animal-03

Cute monsters (Animals?)

Cute monsters (Animals?)


  1. Use numbers to shock people
use number to gain attention... maybe i should have gone for 666

use number to gain attention… maybe i should have gone for 666

  1. Babies
Cute Baby from Houe of 1000 Corpses

Cute Baby from Houe of 1000 Corpses

Cute Babies 01

Cute Babies 01

  1. Berate your audience


  1. Hyperbolic Headlines


  1. Sex Appeal

sexappeal01 sexappeal02

  1. Newsjacking

jurassicworldslaybelles president-obama-1st-sitting-president-early-vote-ballot

I hope this helps

Please donate to Slay Belles … we only have a couple weeks left to get to the goal!

Thank you and here is the Website I read that helped me gain you’re your much needed donation: