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A secret look at the early stages of makeup and hair on Slay Belles

By SpookyDan Walker


Matt Eskew did this early concept design of the Adventure girls – aka the Slay Belles. 1st 3 are their looks during the day, and 4-6 are while they are in their cos-play outfits. #slaybelles

It is said that creativity comes in 4 stages: 1. Preparation, 2. Incubation, 3. Illumination, 4. Verification.


Making a film is all about being decisive and quick with your answers and knowing what you want. So when you are approached about how a prop or a wardrobe garment is supposed to look, your imagination has firmly placed a “look” to that item. Then the realities of film-making set in: never enough money, only one of that shirt is available, the actor hates wearing purple.


Things change, looks change, and every step of the creative process is questioned and scrutinized to death. The director is quickly faced with having to answer every question at each of these 4 stages in a diplomatic fashion, using phrases like: “this is so cool”, “hmmm, that’s interesting”, “oh shit, that‘s totally wrong”, “that works”, “why did we do it that way?”, “I cant imagine it any other way”


This process is true for VFX, writing, camera moves, your title, creature design and just about every creative element along the way. Many creative people know exactly what they want and can communicate it expertly, but that is usually because they have already gone through these steps before they arrived on set.


I present to you some early looks at the makeup and hair of our Slay Belles Hannah Minx, Susan Slaughter, and Kristina Klebe. Hair styled by Anissa Emily and Erica Nunez Original Artwork by Matt Eskew.

The “final Look” of the Adventure Girls on the set off Slay belles


Early look of Dahlia. I really loved the idea of huge death spikes, but with the amount of action and blood and running, it would have been a pain to keep Susan Slaughters hair to stay up. #susanslaughter


Anissa getting Susan’s Hair to be awesome… i wish we could have made this look work..dammitt #susanslaughter


ok, no death hawk, how about BIG HAIR?!? Susan Slaughter is very Magenta looking here, but we decided to tone it down a bit. Make up testing by Erica Nunez #susanslaughter


Susan Slaughter, early makeup test by Erica Nunez, but we decided to go with green lipstick instead of blood red. #susanslaughter


kick ass nails…. i want to do mine this way, only with Rd and Black… The pink can stay with Hannah Minx


OK, in the film Sadie, played by Hannah Minx Wagner changes wigs a few times.. we ended up using a couple of these, briefly, so for all the Hannah is a very blonde Hannah Minx #hannahminx


neat, but it looked too much like a wig. #hannahminx


SpookyHannah? …OK. I know i can be vain… But having Hannah with the same hair as me is pushing it… #ilovemyself #hannahminx



I really love the blue hair.. every girl looks awesome with blue hair, especially Hannah Minx. however the country girl style braids were AWFUL.. #nowayjose #hannahminx


Very close to the final look, same wig with a bit different style was the end result. # Hannahminx


Alexi played by Kristina Klebe is a bit tougher, but with a feminine side, so we wanted to do a faux hawk, but in a toned down fashion. #kristinaklebe


a bit too high for her character , the purple color is looking nice though. #KristinaKlebe


testing the shades of purple on Kristina Klebe, this was a bit to soft and pastel.. It needed to be a bit harsher and more prominent. #KristinaKlebe

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The final look of the Slay Belles on set! #kristinaklebe #hannahminx #susanslaughter #slaybelles # krampusfilm