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Meet the cast of Slay Belles

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Barry Bostwick

Barry Bostwick of Rocky Horror is SANTA CLAUS in Slay Belles

Kristina Klebe

Kristina Klebe is Alexi in SLAY BELLES

Susan Slaughter

Susan Slaughter is Dahlia in SLAY BELLES

Hannah Minx

Miss Hannah Minx Wagner is Sadie in SLAY BELLES

Stephen Lunsford

Stephen Lun...

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The Secret Evolution of a Movie Poster

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The Secret Evolution of a Movie Poster

By SpookyDan Walker

Every movie goes through dozens of poster designs before the public sees them...

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This weekend Barry Bostwick shows he really has BALLS!

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But the real star of the weekend was Barry Bostwick, who came out Saturday afternoon for a one hour Q&A session, where he joked about Megaforce, and how the RHPS Sequel Shock Treatment didn't make bit of sense. But that was just the start, to open the movie he came out as BRAD MAJORS!!! It was a moment in time that you have to see to believe!!! Rocky Horror Picture ShowRead More