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Santa’s Village: Haunted and abandoned amusement park is crazy CREEPY!

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Santa’s Village: Haunted and abandoned amusement park in Cali got a face-lift, but we got there before it happened!

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Santa’s Village in SkyForest Ca

When my co-writer Jessica Luhrssen and I set out t...

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You are the future of HORROR!!!

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State of the horror market 2010 -- what's hot, what's not and what you need to know to be successful How to make an effective and sellable HORROR MOVIE! Scriptwriting and preproduction. Prepping an effective horror script. What it actually takes shoot in 3-D, or convert from 2-D to 3-D. Casting and working with actors -- the unique challenges for horror films. Real world production -- get on set experience and learn to keep your film on schedule and under budget. Makeup and prosthetic effects -- hands on blood, guts and gore! Practical and visual effects – learn what’s possible before you blow your budget trying to ‘fix it in post’. Stunts and fight scenes -- see sequences blocked and choreographed. Post production -- learn how to use music and editing to build suspense and maximize shock. Selling your film -- from self distribution to working with the studios. New ways to marketing horror films.Read More