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The Biggest show of the year

Category: horror

Come out to play at the years biggest Repo Event.

We will have the Repo Army Merch, Molting comics, and prizes

As A comic con exclusive we will have a limited amount of copies of the Secret Book of ...

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Paul Sorvino is a BEAST!

Category: horror

Paul Sorvino is way more bad ass than you thought!Read More

Is this proof that Universal’s REPO MEN ripped–off REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA? See for yourself!

Category: horror

Did writer Eric Garcia “Repo” (steal, rip off, thieve) Repo the Genetic Opera? I want to show you first hand EXATLY how similar it is, so I got the Book Repossession Mambo, made a detailed list of the similarities. Check out the facts for yourself.Read More