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A secret look at the early stages of makeup and hair on Slay Belles

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A secret look at the early stages of makeup and hair on Slay Belles

By SpookyDan Walker


Matt Eskew did this early concept design of the Adventure girls – aka the Slay Belles...

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Hatchet 2 gets pulled from theaters

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Hatchet 2 is not alone; virtually every film gets jacked on the day of released. You can find bootlegs everywhere, and quite frankly it’s tempting to steal a movie when I am only marginally interested. Especially if the movie looks bad. I was arguing with a friend earlier today on why he thought it was “OK” to watch a streaming movie on an illegal torrent site. He said “I didn’t download it, so it’s not like I stole it, I just watched it”. Read More

Is Horror Dead (again)? I think NOT

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$18 mil for horror in three days, not too shabby!Read More

MONSTERS director Gareth Edwards explains his low budget filmmaking secrets!

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This weekend there are a couple of great looking horror movies coming to the theaters, Hatchet 2, Let Me In are leading the pack, but my favorite film of the year is playing in your living room! Gareth Edwards first film MONSTERS is available now through Video On Demand, iTunes, Xbox Live, Playstation Marketplace, Amazon and Vudu! Fortunatly I had a chance to ask Gareth a few questions about how he actually made this movie for the rumored low price of $25,000.Read More

New Zombie Web Series!

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pretty impressive web series called The Universal Dead! Read More

A HORRIFIC sequel to The Dark Crystal is finally happening!!!

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This morning The Jim Henson Company announced that two of our HORROR buddies Peter and Michael Spierig (Daybreakers and The Undead) are heading up the long awaited sequel to THE DARK CRYSTAL in 3D. The Spierig Brothers have gone from making an insanely cool little zombie flick in their garage to a big budget zombie flick, and now to the coveted roll of directing what (in my mind) is the most anticipated sequel of all time! Thankfully we are in good hands with these guys! Read More

REPO MEN reviews are coming in (and it isn’t pretty):

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The reviews are coming in for the upcoming film Repo Men!Read More

The Repo vs. Repo controversy continues.

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Of the many comments I received, some people disagree with the list I made and claim that I was “stretching” on many of the topics. I would just like to clarify that the point of the article was to shine a light on the many similarities. I am not calling for a boycott, not suggesting a lawsuit, and certainly not telling people not to see the movie. I was just stating the similarities in black and white. Are they debatable? Of course they are, and I want you to debate them. But the fact is; Repo Men is a different story, with some uncanny similarities.Read More

It’s a WRAP!

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About an hour ago we wrapped the filming of The Twilight Puppet Saga NEW MOON!Read More

Twilight The Puppet Saga

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Check out the First of the Puppet films here at Spookydan.com and next week see the 2nd installment: THE PUPPET SAGA PART 2 NEW MOON. Yes its all puppets all Day!Read More