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Once upon a time there was this chauffeur dude in that movie with a Graverobber…
My assistant Maria Perry found him and he sent us a picture of himself wearing our Repo Army Merch… T...

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The FINAL EXAM is here!

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It has finally arrived!

Get ready class for the tutor to reveal his darkest trade secrets about painting!

You dont want to miss this classroom.

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Support The REVOLUTION! Wear the NEW”Official Repo Army Clothing”!

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The new online store for fans of “Repo! the Genetic Opera” is finally LIVE!!!Read More

Terrance Zdunich’s “THE TUTOR: Lesson 1″ is finally online!!

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Terrance Zdunich's first online art class lesson is here! This is the first of his weekly installments called simply: "The Tutor"Read More

Meet Darren Lynn Bousman and I in Albuquerque, NM this Saturday!

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On Saturday night The Guild Theater in Albuquerque, New Mexico, their own home of independent cinema is hosting not one but TWO SCREENINGS of REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA at 10 and Midnight! Darren Lynn Bousman will be live and in person. And I will try to bring a few REPO ARMY goodies along to sell and we will give away some prizes to everyone who shows up in REPO inspired costumes!Read More

Meet me in Portland, OR This Friday April 23rd for Repo!

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Flyer for the Portland Show!

April 23rd, Friday at Midnight $8.

In Portland this weekend?
Come to the Clinton St Theater for some Genetic perfection!

I wi...

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Repo Army Merch in the works!

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Hey Repo army!

We are in the early stages of creating Repo Army merch! I just wanted to post a few early “proto type” pictures to see what designs you like!

Your comments are appreciated, and will be ...

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Is this proof that Universal’s REPO MEN ripped–off REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA? See for yourself!

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Did writer Eric Garcia “Repo” (steal, rip off, thieve) Repo the Genetic Opera? I want to show you first hand EXATLY how similar it is, so I got the Book Repossession Mambo, made a detailed list of the similarities. Check out the facts for yourself.Read More

Repo Army Call to Action! REPO ARMY – FROZEN NEEDS YOU!

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My good friend Adam Green’s movie FROZEN opens in select markets (about 100 theaters) this coming Friday...

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Repo Gets some Twitter Action!

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Repo gets some Twitter action Director of Repo the Genetic Opera; Darren Lynn Bousman decided to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of his film by calling the REPO ARMY to action. Hundreds of people started twittering “#RepoOpera” yesterday ... Here’s to 100 more years of Repo! REPO ARMY TESTIFY! In other news “Repo The Genetic Opera: THE PHENOMENON” is now on You Tube Check it out!! Read More