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REPO MEN reviews are coming in (and it isn’t pretty):

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The reviews are coming in for the upcoming film Repo Men!Read More

The Repo Revolution on March 19th!

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Copy, distribute and let everyone know that March 19th THE REPO REVOLUTION is happening all over North America!

What is the Repo Revolution?

This coming weeke...

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The Repo vs. Repo controversy continues.

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Of the many comments I received, some people disagree with the list I made and claim that I was “stretching” on many of the topics. I would just like to clarify that the point of the article was to shine a light on the many similarities. I am not calling for a boycott, not suggesting a lawsuit, and certainly not telling people not to see the movie. I was just stating the similarities in black and white. Are they debatable? Of course they are, and I want you to debate them. But the fact is; Repo Men is a different story, with some uncanny similarities.Read More

Is this proof that Universal’s REPO MEN ripped–off REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA? See for yourself!

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Did writer Eric Garcia “Repo” (steal, rip off, thieve) Repo the Genetic Opera? I want to show you first hand EXATLY how similar it is, so I got the Book Repossession Mambo, made a detailed list of the similarities. Check out the facts for yourself.Read More