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The Halloween Taste Test – My new web series

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It’s time to get out the costumes and pumpkins for some holiday magic. So get dressed up and EAT MORE CANDY!
If you have a sweet tooth (like me) then you will want to see what CANDY is good and which ...

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Once upon a time there was this chauffeur dude in that movie with a Graverobber…
My assistant Maria Perry found him and he sent us a picture of himself wearing our Repo Army Merch… T...

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The Biggest show of the year

Category: horror

Come out to play at the years biggest Repo Event.

We will have the Repo Army Merch, Molting comics, and prizes

As A comic con exclusive we will have a limited amount of copies of the Secret Book of ...

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Terrance Zdunich’s “THE TUTOR: Lesson 1″ is finally online!!

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Terrance Zdunich's first online art class lesson is here! This is the first of his weekly installments called simply: "The Tutor"Read More

A SPOOKY update: Puppets, Documentaries and More…

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make puppet versions of the Twilight films. With only a few weeks to go before Eclipse comes out, its time to decide if we should devote the time, money and energy to doing the next one. I admit that making puppet films is fun for me, and I love doing them, but it does take a lot of effort and time to do them right. Read More

Meet Darren Lynn Bousman and I in Albuquerque, NM this Saturday!

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On Saturday night The Guild Theater in Albuquerque, New Mexico, their own home of independent cinema is hosting not one but TWO SCREENINGS of REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA at 10 and Midnight! Darren Lynn Bousman will be live and in person. And I will try to bring a few REPO ARMY goodies along to sell and we will give away some prizes to everyone who shows up in REPO inspired costumes!Read More

Is this proof that Universal’s REPO MEN ripped–off REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA? See for yourself!

Category: horror

Did writer Eric Garcia “Repo” (steal, rip off, thieve) Repo the Genetic Opera? I want to show you first hand EXATLY how similar it is, so I got the Book Repossession Mambo, made a detailed list of the similarities. Check out the facts for yourself.Read More


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Testify with this new Logo design from awesome and amazing artist Molly Rodman aka Zirofax on Deviant art! We are working on Merch with this design soon!

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